Foot Reflexology

Reflexology does more than just improve the health of your feet.

During a treatment a therapist will work over 50 reflexes in your feet and you may notice an overall improvement in your health!  Therefore take care of your feet and they will take care of you! 

Make Reflexology part of your health routine and try it today.

To book call: (204) 257-7667


To book CALL: (204) 257-7667

Ionic Foot Detox

Ou professional machines are made in Canada.

We use only reverse osmosis water to deliver true results.

Our body is made up of positive and negative ions. When we retain excessive toxins, we become more positively charged. The ionic foot detox replaces the positive ions with negative ions and releases toxins through the thousands of pores on the soles of the feet.

After your detox, enjoy a delightful foot massage with your choice of lotion.

Many people feel very relaxed during the session and energized afterwards.​

Ionic Foot Detox may benefit you...

After a massage or reflexology session

While you are on a body detox
During times of increased stress
While fighting a cold or flu


Tuesday thru Saturday

walkin/appointment from 10:30-4pm

afer 5pm by appointment ONLY